We provide flexible generation to further the decarbonization of the power grid

We formed Nightpeak Energy to develop and operate dispatchable power plants needed to increase grid reliability and lower carbon intensity.

Wind and solar power are growing at exponential rates as the United States transitions to a lower-carbon resource mix to serve our energy needs. With this transition, flexible energy capacity — such as energy storage and clean-fueled fast-start generators — are needed to ensure reliability 24/7 while continuing to decarbonize the grid.

Flexible generation enables more wind and solar

Nightpeak Energy is active in markets where flexible generation, including energy storage and other clean generation resources, have proven fundamental market value and there is a near to medium-term need for flexible generators to augment the growth of renewables.

The grid is dynamic and Nightpeak’s team develops projects that can adapt to the changing conditions. We have deep experience deploying gigawatts of power projects. We understand the needs of the grid and the realities of developing and operating power plants. Our projects meet the challenges of the future grid and incorporate flexible technologies from lithium-ion batteries, to long-duration storage technologies, to hydrogen generators.

We are focused on creating projects with long-term value

We are developing a flexible generation portfolio focused on long-term value – for utilities, the grid, and consumers. Backed by Energy Spectrum Capital, Nightpeak Energy is developing projects with a long-term ownership view. We focus on quality over quantity, and we prioritize creating mutually beneficial relationships with the landowners, communities, and utilities we work with. Please reach out if you are interested in partnering with us!