Shruti Ramaker

Director of Environmental and Permitting

As the Director of Environmental and Permitting, Shruti utilizes her experience as an environmental consultant for more than 25 years to lead permitting efforts for Nightpeak’s portfolio of projects.  Shruti Ramaker’s passion for the environment has involved her working with noteworthy renewable energy developers throughout California and the Southwestern United States. Her proficiency in permitting, impact analyses, and CEQA/NEPA document management helped deliver numerous utility-scale electric transmission and distribution, renewable energy, power generation, water resources, infrastructure, and oil and gas related remediation projects. Shruti has previously supported renewable energy developers with federal, state and local discretionary entitlements related to battery energy storage system (BESS), solar, wind and thermal generation projects in response to regulatory procurement targets. She’s known as an effective, responsive program manager who brings a big picture understanding aimed toward advancing projects’ needs. Shruti is organized, thorough, and thoughtful approach to project development and permitting and has repeatedly proven this as she successfully managed and worked with interdisciplinary teams—from project inception through construction and into the operations phase. Shruti holds a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies from the University of California, Santa Barbara.